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Who We Are

EC Pohl & Co is a funds management firm providing share portfolio services to help sophisticated investors grow their wealth over time. As an experienced company with a proven track record of delivering consistent long-term returns, you can count on us to responsibly manage your portfolio.

What is Funds Management?

Funds management is a professional financial service that involves building and managing investment portfolios on behalf of investors. At EC Pohl & Co, we are responsible for making highly informed investment decisions to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals. As an active manager, our funds management services include: 

  • Selecting high-quality growing businesses by valuing potential, not just performance.
  • Building investment portfolios geared towards long-term sustainable growth.
  • Actively monitoring the performance of our investment portfolios.
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Our Investment

We are a highly experienced funds management firm that has been delivering reliable investment portfolio performance for over 20 years. As such, we know that the best way to help our clients reach their financial goals is by implementing sustainable long-term investment strategies.

We take an active management approach when investing so we can build high-conviction portfolios for our clients. To help investors achieve the best returns possible, we model the performance of each individual investment over a five-year period. In doing so, we are able to guarantee a genuine long-term management style that is never influenced by fleeting trends or temporary market conditions. 

Our Investment Philosophy is based on the belief that the economics of a business drive long-term investment returns. We seek to achieve above-average returns over the long term by investing in companies that are strong, sustainable, and dependable.

Our Investment

The portfolios we offer to our clients are constructed from sustainable, quality growth companies listed on the ASX. These companies are selected through our proprietary investment process, which filters for investment-grade companies by assessing the following metrics:

  • Historical sales growth
  • Return on equity
  • Interest cover

By looking at these metrics, we can ensure the companies we invest in meet or exceed our requirements for an investment-grade company. To be deemed investment-grade, the companies we assess must be:

  • Growing faster than the Australian economy.
  • Able to demonstrate a minimum return on equity of 15% p.a.
  • Capable of remaining resilient through economic cycles.

Not only do we consider how each investment performs individually, but we also consider how they perform in relation to one another within a portfolio. This holistic approach allows us to easily identify sustainable, quality growth companies that can be used to build strong, diversified portfolios capable of delivering above-average returns.

Our Investment

At EC Pohl & Co, we have three investment portfolio types for our clients to choose from. Each of these portfolio types caters to different long-term investors, meaning our clients are able to select whichever option best aligns with their financial goals. Our three investment portfolio types are as follows: 

  1. Australian Listed Shares: This portfolio is generally comprised of diversified Australian equities. It is most suited to investors who want specific exposure to listed Australian shares. 
  2. Balanced: This portfolio has a fairly evenly spread asset allocation across all asset types, including Australian equities, International equities, listed property trusts, and cash. It is most suited to investors who have lower risk tolerance.
  3. High Growth Portfolio: This portfolio comprises both Australian and Internationally listed shares that are projected to experience high growth. It is best suited to investors who are seeking high returns and can manage the associated risks. 

Why Trust Our

We are a highly ethical, transparent, and honest team who are deeply committed to delivering sustainable, long-term growth for our clients. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can rely on us to make the most informed investment decisions for your financial future.

Dr Manny Pohl AM

Chairman and CIO

Manny has over 35 years experience in investment. He founded Hyperion Asset Management in 1996 and was it’s CEO, Managing Director and Investment Committee Chairman until 2012. Manny is also a member of the South African delegation to the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. With this level of ambition, it’s unsurprising Manny also has a black-belt in Karate and enjoys action novels!

Scott Barrett

Chief Financial Officer

Scott is a Chartered Accountant with finance and business management experience in multinational groups as well as inter-generational family businesses. He is the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary for EC Pohl & Co as well as for three ASX listed businesses - Flagship Investments Ltd, ECP Emerging Growth Ltd and Global Masters Fund Ltd. After-hours, Scott can be found outdoors with his family, in the bush or at the beach, enjoying the best the Gold Coast has to offer.

Gabrielle Short


Gabrielle has been in the industry for 30 years and has worked directly and indirectly with Manny for over 15 years.  Gabrielle, serves as PA to Manny as well as providing the vital office administration that keeps EC Pohl & Co humming.  IMA clients visiting the office will have no doubt met Gabrielle, just don't get her started talking about rugby, unless you're an All Blacks supporter!   Gabrielle cares deeply about the fundamentals of our business and is always lending a hand to staff and clients. 

Keiko Iwano

Client Administration Manager

Keiko first started working with Manny in 1996. In her role as Client Administration Manager she is the first point of contact for our IMA clients and ensures the harmonious administration of our back-of-house services. When she's not looking after our clients, she and her husband can be seen walking together and exploring the great outdoors or spending time with their now grown son. Punctilious and efficient to her very core, Keiko has been an essential component to our long-standing client relationships.

Julia Czaus

Client Administrator

Julia Czaus joined EC POHL & Co as a Client Administrator in April 2019. She holds degrees in economics and law coupled with an extensive practical and proven background in Financial Services, Accounting, and Administration. Julia’s experience includes roles as an investment portfolio administrator, tax accountant, lawyer and early in her career personal assistant to the CEO of Volvo European division. Julia is known for her dedication, professionalism, tenacity and ability to work effectively under pressure. She possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills and is proficient in sophisticated software applications. Julia has a fondness for travelling in Asia and Europe but she particularly enjoys road trips in Australia and finding secret hideaways. Julia's source of inspiration is being connected to nature either in the mountains or on the beach. She is passionate about self-improvement, personal growth and human connection.

Richard Obree

Investment Systems Analyst

Prior to joining EC Pohl & Co, Richard has spent 20 years in IT Management Consulting roles within the UK, South Africa and Australia.  His experience spans industries including financial services, oil and gas, mining and retail with corporate clients, large consultancies, and start-ups. Richard holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) in Information Systems and a Postgraduate in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. In addition to his professional achievements, Richard is an enthusiastic mountain biker, ultramarathon runner, seasoned hiker, and accomplished sailor.

Larissa Tedesco

Marketing Manager

Larissa is a marketing specialist with a strong digital focus and over a decade of expertise in the retail and finance sectors. She brings in her background in Hospitality and Business Management, complemented by a Marketing Diploma and international business. Larissa brings a customer-centric perspective to her strategic endeavors and is passionate about sustainability. In her free time she can be found climbing boulders and enjoying the ocean with her family.


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