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A Long-Term Endeavor

We believe that building wealth is a long-term endeavour. Our investment philosophy and process has been refined through many years of investment and has proven itself in multiple cycles. Our disciplined approach to investing ensures that, in spite of being focused on portfolio out-performance, we will not speculate in order to create additional profits.

Our investment philosophy is built on the belief that the economics of a business drives long-term investment returns. Investing in sustainable, high-quality, long-term growth enterprises that can deliver predictable, above-average economic returns will produce greater long-term investment results. Betting to double your money is the quickest way to lose it, so we prefer to invest in strong businesses rather than popular ones.

We will not, however, buy shares in a company solely because it exhibits the criteria listed above. A disconnect exists between price and value, which requires discipline in the price paid for earnings. Our clients’ long-term investment success depends on a combination of buying discipline and appropriate investment due diligence.

Everything we do is guided by our investment philosophy and if you’d like more information on how our philosophy is applied to our activities in listed or private equity investing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sleeping Well Before
Eating Well

We are a highly ethical team, committed to good investing. We’re relentlessly transparent, honest about our capacity and vigilant in applying our process. We do this because there’s simply no other way we can deliver on our promises.

Active Wealth

We believe in a well-versed, well-informed client, because that is the only way a genuinely trusting relationship can exist. To foster that, we deliver our client full visibility, full transparency and ongoing education into what we call ‘active wealth’.


We believe every generation has a duty of care – to the previous generation, to the present and the future. In that context, we care deeply about the footprint we leave, the example we set, the habits we encourage, the ideas we foster and the visions we shape.

A Genuine
Long-Term Approach

We believe in nurturing strong relationships in every part of our business – with our customers, between colleagues and with our portfolio organisations – because in order to deliver sustainable growth, we need to think long-term.

New Dimensions
of Wealth

In the past, wealth was one dimensional. Primarily centred on financial wellbeing it often came at the expense of all other types of wellbeing. No longer. We believe wealth should now contribute to ours and our families overall wellbeing by enabling and supporting vitality, transformation, connection, positivity, responsibility and experience as well as delivering on its traditional role of security.

Family Unity

Families matter immensely to us. Our own, our clients and all the families of our global community.  We strongly believe they are the wellspring of connection in society and we want to be a part of ensuring they are secured, supported and empowered. 

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