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Genuine Peace

EC Pohl & Co is a funds management firm providing individually managed, share portfolio services to sophisticated investors including individuals, superannuation funds and family offices. Portfolios are constructed from sustainable, quality growth companies listed on the ASX and as selected through our proprietary investment process.

EC Pohl & Co is an active manager. This means the stock selection is based on forensic research and a detailed understanding of the business’ performance and its potential.  Portfolios are built without reference to index weightings, focusing instead on the conviction and prospects of the individual investments in relation to each other.  Companies are assessed over a five-year horizon, a genuine long-term approach that ignores temporary themes.

EC Pohl & Co is a family business and we want to grow the idea of a family legacy. We believe legacy should be about what we leave to our children and the knowledge and values we leave in our children.  We are passionate, then, about redefining the dimensions of family wealth to include well-being, responsibility, vitality, awareness and connection, as well as security.  

To build responsibility for and appreciation of long-term investing retail investors are able to access the portfolio management services through Super Network Financial Services Pty Ltd. Super Network Financial Services is a separate company managed and owned by Hilton Pohl.  Super Network Financial Services provides retail investors with tailor-made, personal investment advice to help build a superannuation and personal share portfolio and which can utilise the investment expertise of EC Pohl & Co under a managed discretionary account. For more details go to:

The ASX-listed investment companies Flagship Investments Limited, ECP Emerging Growth Limited, and Global Masters Fund Limited and the London-listed Athelney Trust provide retail investors with access to the group’s investment expertise with low minimum commitment. For more details go to:

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Our Philosophy

We believe that building wealth is a long-term endeavour. Our investment philosophy and process has been refined through many years of investment and has proven itself in multiple cycles. Our disciplined approach to investing ensures that, in spite of being focused on portfolio out-performance, we will not speculate in order to create additional profits.

Our investment philosophy is built on the belief that the economics of a business drives long-term investment returns. Investing in sustainable, high-quality, long-term growth enterprises that can deliver predictable, above-average economic returns will produce greater long-term investment results. Betting to double your money is the quickest way to lose it, so we prefer to invest in strong businesses rather than popular ones.

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